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Cherry is a great tour guide

In October 2017 I visited Hong Kong for the second time after more than 25 years. How the city has changed. I contacted Cherry before my trip and we planned a two days sightseeing and tours in Hong Kong. Cherry came all the way from Guangdong province to guide me through the big city and she was fabulous. Cherry was very knowledgeable about the Hong Kong highlights and without her language skills in Mandarin and Cantonese I would have not seen and experienced half of the great things the city has to offer. We did a walking tour through Soho with all the art and photo galleries.  She guided me through the local eateries  in that part of town. For the most part we used the great HK public transportation system in combination with taxis. We explored Hong Kong island with Admirality, Soho and Central as the main highlights. On day 2 we visited Nong Ping village on Lantau Island.  We took the glass gondola up the village where the Big (Tian Tan) Buddha is located.  Cherry has a great personality and she is very knowledgeable about the locations, transportation and the really good restaurants.  She will adjust her pace and her tours according to your needs and just having her by your side makes you feel safe and comfortable in a place where not everyone speaks English. Great job Cherry and I hope to see you next time again.