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Mountain Chaya in Zhumadian

   Hi, every friend, it is really been a long time, today I would like to introduce one of the most famous tourist attractions in Henan Province to you, that is called as Mountain Chaya. Which is in Zhumadian Municipality.

   The scenic spot of Mountain Chaya locates in Suiping County, Zhumadian Municipality, Henan Province. And the municipality of Zhumadian locates at the southeast area of Henan Province. 

      The scenic spot has an area of 148 square kilometers, and the travelling area is 52 kilo meters. The altitude is 786 meters.

  Mountain Chaya is the National Geopark, 5A National Tourist Attraction, The Top Ten Hottest Tourist Attractions in Henan Province, and so forth.

      The transportation of Mountain Chaya is very convenient, the climate is pleasant, the resoures are abundant, the history is long, and the culture is deep.

      There are a lot more about Mountain Chaya, you are welcome to visit here any time please.