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Pit Yard in Sanmen Xia

    Hi, Everyone, Today I'd like to introduce some characteristic landscape in Henan Province, and some of it exits in Shaan'xi and Shan'xi Province. But the part in Henan is one of the most magnificent. And this special landscape is called as"Pit Yard".

    Pit Yard is also called as Well Courtyard, it is built in the ground, looks like some holes on the ground. It is the relics of living in the cave in ancient times, with a history of 4000 years.

    Nowadays Pit Yard mainly distributes in Shanxian Couty in Sanmenxia City of Henan Province, Yuncheng City in Shanxi Province, Longdong City in Gansu Province and some other place of Shaan'xi Province. and the most shining part is located in Sanmenxia. And today I will talk more about the Pit Yard in Sanmenxia.

    There are three  flat areas where the Pit Yard is well protected in Shanxian County, which is Dongfan Yuan, Zhangcun Yuan and Zhangbian Yuan. There are still almost 100 Pit Yards remaining here up until now, and many people still living there. The most well-protected pit yard has a history of more than 200 years, and more than 6 generations have lived there. 

    The most representive villages are Miaoshangcun Village, Beiyingcun Village and Qucun Village in Shanxian County.

    And Pit Yard is also the origin of Yangshao Culture. Yangshao Culture is one of the most important culture in China. its representives are peace and harmony. It started from Song Dynasty.

    If you have time, I warmly welcome you and your family come to see Pit Yard for yourselves, you will definitely get shocked by this significent and magnificent architectures.

    You are welcome to come to Shanxian County in Shanmenxia of Henan Province any time.