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Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is located in Yabuli Town, Shangzhi city, the northeastern of Heilongjiang province. It is 197 kilometers southeast from Harbin, approximately 2.5hrs by train, and about 100 kilometers from Mudanjiang city. 

The Yabuli Resort sits in the eastern of the global largest Eurasia continent and faces the Pacific Ocean on the east with high latitude. Influenced by distinctive middle temperate zone of continental monsoon climate, it has extremely lowest temperature of -44℃,  average 2-10℃ yearly; The mountain resort is covered by snow for 170 days (November-April) every year. The depth of snow is 30-50 mm all around and even reaches up to 1 meter on the mountain. Nearly 120 days from the middle of November to late in March, the snow is the best for skiing.  

With an elevation from base 397 m to top 1345 m, the resort situates on a high mountain covered by dense forest, 137.4 m abover sea level. with average temperature of 18℃ and rainfall of 650 mm, the plants are growing very thrivingly there during June, July and August. Hence the resort gets its name Yabuli from Russian with meaning of "fruit tree farm". In the Qing Dynasty, Yabuli Resort was used to be forbidden hunting area for Manchu imperal family members.