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Volga Manor Harbin

Volga Manor lies on the bank of Ashi River, Xiangfang District, Harbin. Now it has become a new tourist resort and covers a land of 600,000 sq m, with marvelous view, huge Russian-style buildings, wet lands, landscaped gardens, hotels, restaurants, and more. 

The name Volga maybe always remind people of the Europe's longest river flowing through central Russia and Russian Vodka Wine. Thus a manor called Volga is taken for granted that it was something with Russia. Actually, the Volga Manor offers a glimpse of charming Russian pastoral scene in North China Harbin. 

Covering 0.6 million of square meters, Volga Manor is a Russian-style forest garden located about 29 km from St. Sophia Square in small town called Chenggaozi. The Volga Manor itself is beautiful. A small meandering Ashihe river flows smoothly through the woody garden park, leave an area of mudflat wet land by side for wild animals. Castle stands among the wood by the river, timber bridge cross the river is convenient for walking around. 

Visitors will feel like them were not in China with the Russian music playing on the background. The Manor itself has hotel, restaurant, ten banya/Russian sauna and also there's a Russian dance show every 11 am and 4 pm so it's best for you to visit Volga Manor during these times.  

It has also St. Nicholas Art Gallery and the architecture design sampled the original St. Nicholas Cathedral that was destroyed during Cultural Revolution in Harbin. Overall, it's very beautiful place if you would like to visit Russia without crossing border and another visa.