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Laodaowuai Baroque District

Laodaowuai District has the old streets, old famous shops, aged houses, aged taste. There exists the largest area of Baroque buildings in China. The house looks like western style outside but features traditional Chinese courtyard inside, which form a distictive  local style dwelling. 

Daowai Traditional Market Conservation Zone stretchs eastward from intersection of Jingyang Street and Jingyu Street to Shidao street, to Shenping Street northward, and to Nanxuan Street in the south.  There visitor can find the oldest haerbiner traditional food, snaps such as Old Dindfeng, Fanyouji, Zhangbaopu bread shop, Zhangfei Braised Pork and more for a your taste. 

Once, the Laodaowuai was almost a slum district in Harbin. Therefore, it is a good place to experience local harbiner life.