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Guangxi Museum of Nationalities


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No.11 Qinghuan Road, Nanning, Guangxi Province, China
Hours : 9:30am-16:30pm Tue-Sun, closed on Mondays

About this place

  Guangxi Museum of Nationalities is located in the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area near the Yongjiang River. The Museum is themed on the minority cultures of Guangxi and it shows how 12 native ethnic groups live harmoniously. Immersed in the exhibition, you will enjoy the Beiliu bronze drum of the West Han Dynasty, which was considered as the king of Chinese bronze drum, appreciate the 12 aboriginal minorities’ customs, festivals, clothing, and architecture, experience the precious historical relics, such as bronze ware, pottery ware, porcelain ware, bamboo and wooden articles, jade ware, glass utensil, and lacquer ware, and share the cultural achievements Guangxi ethnic minorities have made with their hardworking, intelligence and solidarity. The exhibition adopts both the dynamic and static methods to display, combining the wording, materials, live-scene, and pictures. There not only have the common displaying method of audio-vedio and multimedia equipments, but also has the auto broadcasting navigation service.

bus No. W8  at the entrance

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By Linda Zhang,

Welcome to Nanning! Welcome to the green city!

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