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Yangshuo Yulong River

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About this place

Yulong River is the biggest branch of the Li River in YangShuo County. The clear water runs smoothly past fields,farmhouses, trees and mountains. Traveling by bamboo raft you will be surrounded by the crystal water and feel relaxed and happy in the arms of the green mountains. Looking from the mountaintops, you can see a vivid panorama of the landscape with the green crystal water flowing through the colorful valley below.
Tourists are entranced with the harmonious picture of women washing clothes beside the river,ducks swimming on the river,bamboo rafts moving under the old bridge,and farmers working in the fields.Yulong has a different kind of beauty than the Li River. Along the Yulong River you can find Fuli Bridge, Guiyi Original Site, Ancient Village, Xiangui Bridge, the Zhus'Camp,Chuan Cave, Rhinoceros Deep Pool, Zhaoyang Camp, Seven Stars and other scenic spots.

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Re: Yangshuo Yulong river

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<p>so nice</p>
Yangsuo Yulong River

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A river flowing with this aura, a river-style "small Lijiang, "her clear of the water too! People living in the city, as long as she approached, a surge of deep sense of intimacy will not stop spontaneously, immediately jumped into the river and wait for her as one solution. Gentle and calm river is not the slightest ripple, fish shuttle between the dark green plants, red pebbles in playing Chu, blue sky and white clouds, moon and stars, clear thing that catches the water, with occasio...read more

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By Jack Zhou,

Join in my guiding tours,share you with my passion and expertise!

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