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Henglan Town,Zhongshen City,Guangdong Province


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Henglan Town,Zhongshen City,Guangdong Province, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China
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About this place

Henglan town, there is also a lot of professional factories of lamps and lanterns or lamp strips.

If you would like to buy some lanterns at competitive price, Henglan or Guzhen is a good place.

Henglan Town is located in the Pearl River Delta, located in the western city of Zhongshan, the West (Pearl River tributary) main channel downstream of the East and the town of Shaxi is bounded by the river, the South and the town bordering the Da'ao Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen city and across the river; and the North Town is bounded by land. Total area of 76.63 square kilometers.

topographic features

Henglan Town landform is sea alluvial plain, crisscrossing, flat, fertile land, rich in aquatic products, in the northwest to the southeast slightly inclined. Known as "Yumizhixiang" reputation. [7]

Climatic characteristics

Henglan Town

Henglan Town (3)

Henglan Town lie south of the Tropic of cancer, is a subtropical monsoon climate, adequate light and heat, rainfall, the territory of the sun high, the sun two times a year from zenith after. Over the years, the average sunshine hours of 1843.4 hours, accounting for the annual number of hours can be illuminated by the annual average temperature of 22 degrees, with an average annual rainfall of 1665 mm (). [7]

Economic editor


In 2013, Henglan Town to achieve GDP 4 billion 992 million yuan, an increase of 0.7% over 2012; investment in fixed assets 1 billion 465 million yuan, down 65.8% compared with 2012; the proportion of three industries is 6.6:68.7:24.7. [8]

Primary industry

Henglan Town Garden

Henglan Town Garden

In 2013, Henglan Town agricultural total output value of 889 million yuan, growth of 6% in 2012. To carry out rural collective assets, resources, funds to clean up, strengthen the quality supervision and inspection of agricultural products, the town set up a total of 3 farmers market supermarket agricultural products testing points, the annual test sample of 5758. The town of agriculture to flowers and trees planting, aquaculture led, there are 50 thousand acres of agricultural land, which planted flowers and seedlings of 22 thousand acres, aquaculture of 26 thousand and 600 acres. In April, Sansha base of flowers and trees to declare the success of Guangdong Province Information Park bronze demonstration park, Zhongshan city has become the first wireless information technology park demonstration base. In November, Henglan acres of landscaped park was named the city's modern ten modern agricultural demonstration garden. [8]

The secondary industry

industrial park

industrial park

In 2013, Henglan Town industrial added value of 2 billion 480 million yuan, growth of 1.6% in 2012. There are 5400 enterprises and industrial and commercial households, including industrial enterprises above Designated Size of 73. Invested 2 million 678 thousand and 800 yuan, awards in the famous brand name, scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development work to contribute to the company's 42. There are 3 well-known trademarks in China, province, Guangdong province famous brand enterprise, Guangdong province famous brand products enterprise 5. In June, Hubei Jingzhou light industry Limited registered Daming photoelectric group, and located in Yongxing Industrial Zone, Henglan town. In October, Henglan Town and town in the twelfth China Zhongshan Ancient Town International Lighting Expo LED Application Exhibition opening ceremony, signed "cooperation agreement" framework for the development of the lighting industry, promote the circulation of production factors two town. In 2013, Henglan Town was the city's promotion of individual businesses to upgrade the advanced unit of two prize. [8]

The service sector; the tertiary industry

Henglan Town

Henglan Town

In 2013, Henglan Town Service Industry Investment in fixed assets 1 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 15.3% over 2012; third industrial added value of 1 billion 936 million yuan, growth of 4.3% in 2012. Total retail sales of social consumer goods 1 billion 396 million yuan, an increase of 12.09%. The outline for the development of the third industry in Zhongshan Henglan Town Planning prepared by the development research center of Zhongshan University, the third industry "(2013 - 2022) was finalized". Through the center of town Qijiang road as the axis, the construction of multi-functional comprehensive service development axis. Southeast by natural environment and convenient traffic location advantages, vigorously develop the style of leisure, commerce and other life services; northwest by taking the effect of significant depression, rent lighting manufacturing capacity higher advantages, vigorously develop e-commerce and creative development of productive service industry. The introduction of 800 million yuan investment in the world's treasure square commercial projects and investment of $10000 in the center of the commercial projects, the new bloom is still the court, Jinjiang Shang Yuan, like the city's 3 real estate projects. [8]

Foreign trade

In 2013, the cross bar in the town of actual use of foreign investment $1 million 300 thousand lower than in 2012 72.2%. In the "3 - 28" Zhongshan Investment Fair, Henglan Town Center introduced Grammy domain commercial projects 10, investment of 1 billion 221 million yuan. New export orders for the year 63 million 500 thousand U.S. dollars, an increase of $576 million, total exports of $44.6%, an increase of 10.9% over 2012.

Fiscal finance

In 2013, Henglan Town land tax revenue 955 million yuan, growth of 14.9% in 2012. Among them, the national tax revenue 504 million yuan, an increase of more than 2012 of; tax revenue of $450 million, an increase of 12.4% over 2012. Public budget revenue 370 million yuan, an increase of more than 2012 of; public finance budget expenditure of $509 million, an increase of 29% over 2012. [8]

Population national editor

The cross bar in the town of the Han nationality, in 2013, 105 thousand and 400 people Henglan Town resident population, household population of 60 thousand and 400 people.

by train from Guangzhou to Xiao lan or Guzhen, then by car to Henglan.

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