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China folk culture village and splendid China


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About this place

China folk culture village and splendid China is the first china’ s cultural theme park as well as a national 5A tourist attraction. It included 2 parts :splendid China and folk cultural village .

The park condenses the Chinese history ,culture,places of interest, folk arts and customs, as well as folk housing in the course of the 56 civilization, displaying the rich and long-history Chinese culture form different  angles and profiles.

Walking around the park , you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of China , appreciate Chinese cultures ,watch exciting shows ,have fun with traditional Chinese food, and get to know Chinese culture.

There are 3 must-see shows exhibit the essence of Chinese culture.

A large china’s variety show epic Dragon and phoenix Dance/ Dancing show about the New Traditional Chinese Costumes  with different design style to show ancient clothes./ Battle Horseback etc .

 If you think it ‘s the fantastic performance , you also can take one CD as a gift to share with our family members or good friends together .

As for the splendid China , you can see the Great Wall in Beijing over 1000meters here , really one is 10000meter , it’s also one of 8 miracles in the world using for protect the borderland in Ancient China , but now become the famous sightseeing place.

Forbbiten city (Ancient palace)in Beijing with the typical architecture feature in China : the main building are in the central line , two sides are the symmetrical . Each building used for different application for the emperor at that period.

China folk culture villages :

Urgers nationality belongs to one of the minority nationalities among 56 nationalities. It’s very famous of the grape,melon and other fruits . The people there are very good at singing and song . If we are lucky enough , we can see some local show there after enjoyed the horseback batter show .

Mongalian Nationality in the north of China , they have their own languages , and be good at horse-racing , wresting/arrow-shooting . they have one of the traditional activities called NDAM fair ,local citizen will celebrate it by different games like ……or hold the religious activities during that perious .

Mosuo villages  in  Lugu lake , the marriage is very special , the man and the girl never get married ,if they like each other , they can stay together , if not ,they can separate without any responsibility for the man .


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