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Temporary VISA for 5 days stay in China

Today I picked up a French traveler from Hongkong airport, then led him to the immigration office for a 5-days temporary VISA for China. 

Hongkong is open to many countries in the world without Visa to visit. Most people in the world can buy a flight ticket to go to Hongkong.

it took about 1.5hrs from Hongkong  airport to the immigration office. The VISA process took about 15mins. The cost of VISA is 168RMB (about 23USD).

When he got the VISA, we went together across the border between Hongkong and Shenzhen. Once arrived in Shenzhen, he would be allowed to stay in China for 5 days.

For any details about this VISA service, please contact me via whatapp (shows in the Contracts of my front page ).