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Shenzhen to Hong Kong Pick-up& Drop-off Service

Date: Nov 2nd - 3rd , 2016

Clients:  2 Businessmen from USA

General: Shenzhen Trainstation Pick-up 

                  Hong Kong Airport Dorp-off

In Nov 2nd , at night,  I picked up 2 clients at Shezhen North trainstation and sent them to hotel . 

Meanwhile  , I arranged a crossing-border taxi , preparing to drop off them to Hong Kong Airport in Nov 3rd.

In Nov 3rd , in the morning , I went with them across border from Shenzhen to Hong Kong by crossing-border taxi.

It taked about 40 mins to Hong Kong Airport from Shenzhen. Fees is 550 RMB for 3 passengers . 

Clients were satisfied for this Pick-up&Drop-off service. It saved their time and enegy for business trip .

My service made their tour more efficient and comfortable. 

Attached file: Invoice of crossing-border taxi