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Relaxing tour in Danxia Mountain


  1. Time: 2 days
  2. Transport: bullet train(55mins)+taxi(30mins)+bus(50mins) Or Bullet tain + taxi (total 2 hours)
  3. Depart from Guangzhou~ Arrive at Shaoguan
  4. Name of the Bullet stations : Guangzhou south railway station ; Shaoguan railway station

It will take about 3 hours to Danxia Mountain from Guangzhou downtown.

We chose the public transportation . It will take about 55mins from Guangzhou south railway station to Shaoguan station by bullet train .

Then, there is the special tour bus at the entrance of Shaoguan East train station. We took a taxi from Shaoguan station to Shaoguan East station,(about 30 mins)

After that, we took the special tour bus.

There are a lot of hotels near the mountain, if you go there in a low season, you can just go there and choose the hotel, no need to book it in advance.

You can choose a hotel outside, go and see the local accommodation inside the mountain area.

In my opinion , it's better get one inside.

The entrance tick is available for two days.

Here are some pictures I took there, please enjoy~