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2017 121st Canton Fair


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Pazhou,Haizhu Area,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Hours : 9:00am-6:00pm

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The PressConference for the opening of the 121st session of China Import andExport Fair was held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of April 14th.Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of ChinaForeign Trade Centre, has introduced the general situation of this session.

According to XuBing, with intense but orderly preparation, the 121st Canton Fair isready, which will open on April 15th. 

Xu Bing haspointed out that, in this year, the national commerce system has implemented aseries of trade policies and documents issued by the Party Central Committeeand the State Council. Therefore, the foreign trade sector was able to maintaindevelopment momentum with optimized structure and improved quality,accelerating the accumulation of a new momentum. At the same time, we remain soberminded that the world economic recovery is still weak, the market demand remainsunchanged, and “anti-globalization” starts to prevail. Moreover, the domestic costof the comprehensive production factors has increased, and our traditionaladvantage has been weakened. The foreign trade situation remains complicated andsevere; great effort is needed to consolidate the steady growth of the foreign tradesector.

Xu Bing pointedout that the 121st Canton Fair is a key one at a new historical startingpoint as it is a continuation of the past 60 years of brilliant history and thebeginning of a bright future. We, under the leadership of the Ministry ofCommerce and in accordance with President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letterand Premier Li Keqiang’s instruction, will implement the development conceptsof innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing. We’ll improvespecialization, market orientation, information application and internationaldevelopment of the Fair and build “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair”so as to give full play to its role—a comprehensive platform for opening up andto make contribution to the transformation and upgrading of China’s foreigntrade sector and building a strong trading nation.

Xu Bingintroduced that the whole arrangement of the 121st Canton Fairremains the same and exhibition size steady. The 121st session willstill be held in three phases with a total exhibition area of 1.18 millionsquare meters and 60,219 booths. There are 24,718 exhibitors from home andabroad. Phase 1 starts from Apr 15th to 19th, showingElectronics and Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Products, VehiclesSpare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, ChemicalProducts and Energy Products. Phase 2 starts from Apr 23rd to 27th,showing Daily Consumer Goods, Gifts and Home Decoration Products. Phase 3starts from May 1st to 5th, showing Textile and Garment,Shoes, Cases and Bags, Recreation Products, Medicine and Healthcare Products.

In this session,there are 59,221 booths and 24098 exhibitors in the National Pavilion. 16categories of products will be exhibited in 50 sections. The booth arrangementis as follows: 11,925 brand booths and 47,296 general booths, taking up 20% and80% respectively. The number of exhibitors in 3 phases is: 8,628 in Phase,7,297 in Phase 2, and 8,173 in Phase 3.

TheInternational Pavilion will be set up in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of20,000 square meters. There are 998 booths and 6 product zones, and 625enterprises from 42 countries and regions, among which 364 enterprises or 616booths are from the Belt and Road countries. 

Scientificdivision of themes to improve specialization. We willcontinue to improve specialization in organizing exhibitors, striving to buildup a more specialized platform. To keep optimizing the division of sections,124product zones will be set up in 27 sections and particularly, we’ll improvespecialization of Consumer Electronics, Information Products, Building andDecorative Materials, Hardware and Chemical products, Household Textiles, etc.We will also nurture new themes like New Energy, Pet Supplies, and Outdoor Spa.All the measures will improve the quality of exhibitors. Furthermore, we will drivethe integration of National and International Pavilion, with exhibitors ofElectronics and Household Appliances, Fabric and Home Textile competing on thesame stage.

Enhanced marketing for global promotion. We’vetaken various measures to improve precise marketing and invite quality buyersto attend the Fair. We have led promotional teams to 12 countries andvisited over 60 facilities including government departments for tradepromotion, trade chambers of commerce and exhibition corporations, andheld 8 promotional activities in various forms. Around theglobe, remote video promotional conferences were held in 17 cities of15 countries, which were all new market. We’ve explored second- andthird-tier markets, covering all major continents. We’ve built six internationalsocial media platforms with our characteristics and focused on Facebook andLinkedIn. On key themes and markets, online and offline engagement marketingwas conducted. We’ve made innovation in targeted marketing mode and optimized marketing content andpromotion channel based on target markets and key industries. We have further developedthe I-Share series activities, carried out incentive plan for invitingbuyers, enhanced partnership with overseas industrial and commercialorganization, airline and social media, and provided customized discountsfor key markets. We’ve increased invitation to VIP buyers, especially thosefrom the Belt and Road countries. Direct mails of invitation sent to thesecountries accounted for 48% of the total.

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Canton Fair

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Canton Fair is one of the largest trading fairs in the world , people in the business of import and export gather here every year in the spring and autumn.

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By Lu Jie English Interpreter Guide China,

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