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Well Begun Half Done

Yesterday, Mr. R left Guangzhou for Delhi, his home town, after a short and fruitful procurement trip. However, his business trip was almost ruined at the very beginning had he not contacted me and decided to use my services.

On January 3rd, 2018, when he called me over the phone, I was suffering from a severe cold and was half asleep in bed. He inquired about my services and I gave him my quotation, and the call ended there. I did not think about it anymore as his last sentence of "I'll send you an email" did not sound convincing, and his email arrived as a surprise 3 hours later. He accepted my quotation and hired me for one day. 

I met him in his hotel on Jan. 4, and soon learned that he was not well prepared for his visit to Guangzhou. He visited some aluminum window and door makers in the first day and was frustrated to find that people, including his interpreter, could hardly understand him. So, he decided after some consideration to hire me for one day, a sort of trial use. He had got a long list of procurement and aluminum windows and doors, office furniture and wall cladding (faux brick) were on top of the list. So we visited Aileen first for office furniture, then interior decoration market for windows and doors, and lastly, Lucky's kindergarten stuff. It was not promising but Mr. R loved it. 

The next day, Jan. 5, we visited Jinying building for playground flooring and then, at noon, reached Debbie's office and found the right laboratory furniture. R was always haunted by Baige, a company we could not get in touch. So we tried to visit the company's address in Lecong, which was long vacated. Then, Twin Emily's office. The product was ok, but the price too high. During the night after work, I tried one more time and searched the Internet for a long time and finally found a recruiting Ad of the company with the location, which was actually not far from R's hotel. 

Jan. 6, a raining day, the Baige company. Not very good product and even worse reception. The selling staff were all in the Philippines for a show and those who left were not ready to receive any clients. We then paid a visit to the decoration market again, King Home and One Link. The day was ended without much result. However, we successfully reached a wall cladding maker in Dongguan and Mr. G sent Mr. R by express mail some samples to his hotel before he checked out. 

This is a brief summary of my first client in 2018, as well as the first client since I resume my interpreting servces. I hope it's a good start.