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My Customers Come for Many Reasons

You never know how many industries there are in this world until you join the interpreting, and translation, services. In the old Chinese saying, every one of the 360 industries produces its champions. However, when you are an interpreter, you know that saying is not perfect. There are not 360 industries, but 3600 or even 36000 industries in the world. So far, my customers have come to China for school furnitures and furnishings, alluminum doors and windows, lighting fixtures, cake stands and home decors, anti-cancer medicine and raw materials, car seat fabrics and leather, kitchen equipment, pizza ovens, ice cream machines, fryers, etc. To be an interpreter is really an eye opening experience. 

Here are some of my clients: a young woman from Dubai but actually Kenyan for fancy cake stands and home decors (March 23); a young man from Columbia who really challenged my vocabulary on medicine (April 26); another young man from the United States but actually Iranian, who is a very nice young man to look for car seat fabrics and leather and with whom, we flew to Changzhou and rented car from the airport to drive to fabrics makers in Jiangsu Province (May 2); and a handsome French guy who came for kitchen equipment and we spent eight really happy days together (May 6). 

On March 15, a young man from Canada, Pierre, came for lighting fixtures. Unfortunately, we were too busy that day that I failed to take any picture of this French speaking handsome young man. But I think he was happy with my service and had wished to work with me again in the future.