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Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain


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Yunshan South Road, Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Hours : 9:00am-10:00pm Monday-Sunday

About this place

Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain(locally known as White Clouds Mountain) is located in north of Guangzhou City, China. It is one of the first 4 A Grade interest places in China. With an area of 28 square kilometers, it is clustered round by more than 30 ridges. Its highest peak is Moxing Ridge, 382 meters above the sea.

Guangzhou is a long-history city, and it was founded since the Qin and Han Dynasties 2220 years ago. But Baiyun Mountain was well-known for its nice scenery even earlier than the foundation of Guangzhou City. And now it is called "Green Lung" of Guangzhou.

There are many legends or stories about Baiyun Mountain. If you are interested in them and you want to visit a nice scenery, I suggest you come here and have a wonderful visit.

Take bus(many roads) to Baiyun West Gate Station. Or take taxi.

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