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Tongsha Ecological Park


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About this place

Tongsha Ecological Park is located 3 kilometers southeast of Dongguan City. Park area of ​​4000 hectares, of which 3,000 hectares of forest area, lake area of ​​1000 hectares. Water around the mountain ring, mountain range peaks, is a natural beauty, financial landscape and cultural landscape as one of the new park. The park is 15 kilometers long in the lake road, such as stretching the streamer through the meantime. Eyes to the Castle Peak meandering, the lake glittering, water birds looted, like drawing. There are more than 70 species of trees, such as pine, fir, acacia, acacia, lizards and so on, and more than 30 kinds of animals such as heron, bird, eagle and butterfly; [1] 

Chinese name with sand Ecological Park area of ​​4000 hectares Location Dongguan City, Dongcheng District, 107 State Road opening time in May 2006

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With the total area of ​​40.23 square kilometers, the city will play a leisurely holiday, eco-tourism city "green heart" function, known as Dongguan "urban green lung", the Pearl River Delta unique ecological and cultural park, in 2006 May 1 open the door welcoming. Tongsha eco-tourism area is connected with the city center and the city of Songshan Lake economic zone, as the city - with sand - Songshan Lake "Trinity" an integral part of the total control area of ​​40.23 square kilometers, Dongguan City is to create "international manufacturing city , Eco-green city, cultural new town "of the modern center of the city's key projects. And, with the sand ecological park also provides fishing, cycling and other recreational fitness equipment, can let people in the absence of the city's noisy exercise.


Tongsha Ecological Park is located in the eastern part of Dongcheng District 107 National Road, covers an area of ​​40.2 square kilometers, more than 30 square kilometers of forest, water 562.47 hectares. The north side of the main city, northwest for the new city center area, the south side of the town of Daling Shan and Songshan Lake Technology Industrial Park. Something two entrances and exits. Across the area and two towns (Dongcheng, Liaobu, Da Lingshan) a (with the sand forest), west and Wan Chang Road adjacent to the north and the ring road connected, the traffic is very convenient, is the urban ecological balance " Green lung ". [2] 

Natural Environment

The whole sand and sand ecological park is built around the reservoir, beautiful and clean asphalt road is a good place to ride, this winding 15 km of the lake, you can let visitors enjoy the sand with the ecological park of the lake. The park is also built on the seven sisters also built a 1.6 km around the lake trail, so that visitors walk through the lake in the mountains, contented. Lake Road, a total of 15 km, winding streets, moving through the landscape, along the shadows swaying, green flow, walk during the day, you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the forest bath brought about by the fun.

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By Lu Jie English Interpreter Guide China,

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