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Songshan Lake Park


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Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park,Dongguan,China, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
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Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) is located in the geometric center of Dongguan, located in the "Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong" golden corridor hinterland, south of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, north of Guangzhou, the park a total area of ​​103 square kilometers. The park is committed to building the technology center and innovation center of Dongguan, is committed to the development of circular economy, building ecological civilization, Dongguan is committed to the development of model innovation, promote structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, enhance the quality of urbanization, to create "one center four groups" An important part of the center, the city's innovation-driven development of the gathering area, new force and accelerator.

From the creation so far, the park development mainly through the following three stages: First, the initial stage of development. In 2001, the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park was established, planning and control area of ​​72 square kilometers; in 2006, Dongguan eco-industrial park was established, planning and control area of ​​31 square kilometers. Second, accelerate the development stage. In September 2010, the Songshan Lake was upgraded to the national high-tech industry development zone. In 2011, the ecological park became the first batch of provincial circular economy industrial park in Guangdong Province. In 2012, the ecological park was approved to build the national ecological demonstration industrial park. Third, innovation-driven development stage. December 2014, the municipal government decided to Songshan Lake High-tech Zone, Dongguan ecological park co-development, to become a technology center in Dongguan and innovation center. In September 2015, the park successfully entered the Pearl River Delta national independent innovation demonstration area. At present, the park in the national high-tech zones comprehensive strength ranking from 2013 to 53 jumped to 2015, the first 30.

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