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Houjie Town, Shoes Trading


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Houjie Town,Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
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About this place

Houjie Town, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, located in the Pearl River Delta on the east coast, the ear of the economic corridor in the middle, north of Dongguan City, south of Humen port, east of Dalingshan, southwest adjacent to Sha Tin, northwest and road Kau, Hong Mei And so across the river. The town center is located at latitude 22 ° 56 'north latitude and 113 ° 40' east longitude.

As of 2014, Houjie town area of ​​125.7 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of 24 communities, household population of 100,000, foreign resident population of 338,000. In 2014, Houjie town to achieve GDP of 30.034 billion yuan, an increase of 6.2% over 2013. [1] 

As of 2013, Houjie town has won the "Pearl River Delta industrial key satellite town" [1-2], "national township enterprises hundred town" [1-3], "Chinese star town" [1-2], "township Enterprise advanced town "[1-2]," China's diamond dining town "[1-2] [7-9] and other honors.

Chinese name Houjie Town Foreign language name Houjie Town Administrative area City jurisdiction Town area Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province under the jurisdiction of Houjie, Chung mouth 24 community government resident Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Dongguan Tai Road, telephone area 0769 Zip code 523900 Geography Location Pearl River Delta East Coast Area 125.7 square kilometers Population 100,000 (2014) Cantonese Cantonese - Wanbao film - Dongguan climatic conditions Subtropical monsoon climate Famous attractions Sports Park, Fukuoka Park, Dalingshan Park Houjie Scenic Area, Guangdong Modern Exhibition Center and other license plate code Guangdong S

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History editors

Hetian five ancestral hall

Hetian five ancestral hall

Houjie town was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Huizong Xuan and the mid-term (AD 1119 - 1125), has been 800 years of history, according to legend, Fujian Putian Wang Taihuan tour to settle, because the site "military shop" (with the military dependents) , Named "Backstreet". After the Southern Song Dynasty, Yuan, Ming, the Qing Dynasty, Fujian, Henan and other places a large number of people moved south, successively in the bridge, Hetian, Chiling, on Tuen, Tuen Tuen, Po Tangxia, Chen Jiafang and other places to settle, , Sand pond, under the Kaifeng, five pit (now Xintang village), Bai Hao, Huan Gang and other villages.

Ming Dynasty, Dongguan County to the rural system are set up four townships are thirteen. At that time Houjie Township under the eighth city of the double posts, Chung mouth, Bai Hao, military shop, bridgehead, Hetian, stone building, five pit, Houjie, Shan Mei, Liao Ha, Chen Jiafang, Po Tangxia, on Gate, mountain Lai, Creek head, Jia Ting Shan; attached to the tenth capital of the Chiling, Chung Chung Chung, East Po, Huan Gang, Kong head, rice Luogang and so on.

Qing Emperor Qianlong nineteen years (1754), Dongguan County set up five genera: the hall is, Rong Hall, Jingshan Division, in the Division of the Secretary, the Secretary of the gap. At that time, Houjie Town, the village are owned by the Ministry of Missing jurisdiction. The village is the first one, the sixth capital, the eighth capital, the tenth capital, thirteenth are.

In the first year of the Republic of China (1912), the waste of the whole district, the town of the village had belonged to the eighth district of Dongguan County, the leading agency called the eighth ward, until 1940 renamed the fifth district, the leading agency called the fifth ward.

Houjie Town Origin - Xiangxian Pavilion (built in 1495)

Houjie Town Origin - Xiangxian Pavilion (built in 1495)

In thirty-five years (1946), the eighth district, the leading body was renamed the eighth district office.

In October 1949, Houjie Town, the liberation of the township, the township to establish the people's government, and set up Zhixi Township Office, is the six districts of Dongguan City, the leadership.

At the beginning of 1953, the original Zhuxi Township from the six districts separated, and the establishment of 12 districts of Dongguan County.

In 1955 in September renamed Houjie District.

In the winter of 1957 and the township, the township, the township were merged into Houjie, Xianqiao, Gang Gang 3 big rural.

In 1958 September set up Houjie People's Commune, under the jurisdiction of 56 brigade, including the new sand, sand, continent, west, Shigu, white horse, Yuan house side, banyan eight brigade.

June 1961 is divided into Houjie, Xianqiao, Sha Tin 3 people's commune. Shigu, white horse, Yuan house side, Ronglong 4 brigade was placed under the jurisdiction of the people's commune, new sand, continent, the West 3 battalion under the jurisdiction of the people's commune Sha Tin.

March 1963 Houjie People's Commune and Xianqiao People's Commune merged into Houjie People's Commune, under the jurisdiction of 22 brigade, a resident committee.

September 1983 withdrawal community set up area.

May 1984 District town (district jurisdiction), Houjie jurisdiction of a town 22 rural 116 village.

1985 Guangdong Provincial People's Government approved Houjie for the Pearl River Delta Economic Development Zone key industrial satellite town.

In April 1987, the town was transferred to the town, the district office was changed to Houjie Town, Dongguan City People's Government, the original township, town people's government (township) to management area, the town a total of 23 management area, management area under the village , A total of 102 village committees, direct management of the village of the various households. [1] 

Administrative division editor

As of 2014, there were 24 communities in Houjie Town. Respectively, Houjie community, Chung Chung community, Shan Mei community, Liao community, bridgehead community, Hetian community, Chiling community, three Tuen community, Baotun community, Chen community, Xintang community, community community, Po Tong Community, the head of the community, the South five community, Baihe community, under the Kaifeng community, large tracts of community, Ting Shan community, double post community, sand community, new community, bamboo community, lake community. Town government in Dongguan City Houjie Town, Dongguan too Road. [11]

Geographical environment editor

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Houjie town

Houjie Town is located in the east coast of the Pearl River Delta, the middle of the economic corridor of Guangzhou and Hong Kong, north of Dongguan city, south of Humen port, east of Dalingshan, southwest adjacent to Sha Tin, northwest and road Kau, Hong Mei and so across the river. Houjie town area of ​​125.7 square kilometers, the town center is located at latitude 22 ° 56 ', longitude 113 ° 40'. [12-13]


Houjie town terrain east high southwest low, the eastern part of the hilly area, southwest belongs to the river area. [12-13]


Houjie is a subtropical monsoon climate, adequate sunshine, abundant rainfall, temperature difference is small, the monsoon obvious. In 2004, the annual average temperature was 22.8 ℃. The coldest year in January, the hottest for July. Year extreme maximum temperature of 38 ℃ (appeared on June 30, 2004 and July 1, 2004), the annual minimum temperature of 3.5 ℃ (appeared in January 21, 2004). Rainfall is concentrated in the April-September, of which 4-6 months for the pre-flood season to rain and low trough weather precipitation for more. July-September for the flood season, typhoon precipitation active.

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