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Dongguan Yue Hui Park


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Daojiao Town, Dongguan,Guangdong,China, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
Hours : 7:30 am-9:30 pm Mon-Sun

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East Main Gate

Dongguan Yuehui Park

The main entrance of Yuehui Park is the main entrance of Yuehui Garden. The middle of the main hall for the double eaves building, through the width of about 32.6 meters, through the depth of about 18.9 meters, about 17 meters high. Its volume, trade-offs are designed to Ming and Qing architecture, combined with brackets, beams, columns are decorated with and Xi painted, more solemn and solemn. The main entrance on both sides of the room by the corridor connected with the main hall, surrounded by a spacious front square. Chancellor for the room, the amount of Fang (column between the lower beam), also decorated with spin-painted. "East Gate" outside the north and south to the corridor and the room combination, during which garden small garden, garden by the wall and the park separated by large attractions, since the attractions. North Gallery garden with Kistler, four-time Jiaohua, South Gallery garden scattered flower trees, a few branches of bamboo, elegant exception. 1200 meters wall, with a unique cichen honeycomb (honeycomb brackets) support, is also unique to Guangdong Hui Park, is a large architectural style of Guangdong Hui Park.

Fenwen Museum

Yue Hui Park Fan original plant for the meaning of lush, the extension is prosperous, flourishing meaning. Yue Hui Garden in the Fan Wen Museum is the largest garden, the most versatile antique buildings, by the foyer, rooms, jade paper hall, annex floor, Qingfeng Gallery, the moon gallery, view day Pavilion, Mexican Court, Fan Wen Hall composition. As the main center of the Yuehui Park complex, followed by the layout of the three main building and east-west symmetrical cross-water corridor into a whole, to form a traditional three into the courtyard, stands in the green trees, surrounded by the stream surrounded by , Full of water style. The whole building with 365 cylindrical built, meaning a year 365 days, every day wishful. Fan Wen Hall, is the Guangdong Hui Garden Lingnan Culture and Art Museum of the show center, orderly, the level of patchwork, meteoric and solemn weather. Financial traditions, local characteristics and the spirit of the times in one. Pavilion area covers an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters, set collection, display, academic research in one.

Water bridge

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By Lu Jie English Interpreter Guide China,

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