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Dongguan Humen Broadway clothing wholesale market


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Humen Broadway clothing wholesale market (also known as Broadway shopping malls) is located in the south of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, mainly engaged in: clothing apparel, mid-range and middle and lower women-based, the market business hours 9:00 -17, Humen town covers an area of ​​175 Square kilometers, the resident population of 110,000 people, foreign population of 530,000 people. Since the opening of the first processing enterprises in 1978, Humen's garment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, to the late 80's in Humen engaged in clothing business more than 600 businesses. Humen is currently the main garment production base, the town has a size of the garment factory has more than 1,000, of which more than 300 foreign manufacturers, more than 600 private manufacturers, another weaving, bleaching and dyeing, zipper [zipper zipper zipper zipper Is to rely on the continuous arrangement of the element, so that the goods together or separate the connection. ] And embroidery and other ancillary factory nearly 100. In the development of garment production at the same time, Humen in recent years has developed into a well-known clothing wholesale center, the town has a professional clothing wholesale and retail shopping malls 18, operating clothing shops up to 8,600. In terms of clothing wholesale, mainly in the mid-range and mid-range women's clothing, the total annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan. The main wholesale market is rich commercial buildings, the Yellow River Fashion City, Longquan Commercial Plaza, Lane Crawford fashion wholesale shopping malls, Kimberly Fashion wholesale shopping malls, Broadway shopping malls, the new era and Kimberly. Humen's clothing products marketing the country, and export markets include Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and as far as Europe and the United States and so on. And Humen clothing market supporting the shipping company has more than 30, to facilitate the use of sea, land and air shipped to all over.

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