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Dongguan Huayang Lake Wetland Park


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Hours : 9:00am-10:00pm Mon-Sun

About this place

Huayang Wetland Area covers an area of ​​16 square kilometers, wetland park total planning land of about 2 square kilometers, Huayang Lake as the center of a number of river pool, ecological and beautiful natural environment. Huayang Wetland Area will also be through the 16 km long water ecological green road connecting Huayang, the new base, Ma two islands, relying on the creek, ancestral hall, arbor, ancient village, dragon boat, Ma Chung eight natural and human resources , Planning and construction Ma two village, the Republic of style street, Huayang style waterfront, the new base characteristics of the village, cultural characteristics of food Street, Huayang Wetland Area to create eco-tourism circle, the development of eco-tourism industry. [1] 

Huayang Lake Wetland Park

Regional Environment

Huayang Lake Wetland Park is located in the town of "swimming town", "folk art", "dragon boat town" reputation Ma Yongzhen, is the famous Lingnan water. Mayong dragon boat race in Dongguan prestigious, the annual lunar calendar on May 16 for the Bayong dragon boat King. When the lunar calendar in mid-April, the village to prepare the dragon boat race, and participate in the surrounding areas of the competition. Mayong dragon boat team often participate in international and domestic championships, award-winning, in 2013 China Dragon Boat Race won the first overall score, 500 meters straight racing first, 200 meters straight race second, began to be renowned domestic outer. Mayong is also the hometown of Cantonese opera opera, the village has built folk art, the masses are very popular Cantonese opera, and a group of well-known Cantonese opera actor, Cantonese opera profound cultural background.

Huayang Lake Wetland Park is located in the Pearl River and the tributary of Dongjiang River Delta area formed by the river network area through the East River North River, the canal waterway and Ma Chung River waterway. The park is tree-lined, elegant environment, a number of rivers and lanes intertwined, connected to Huayang Lake. Mayong banana famous Chinese and foreign, the park also retained a large banana garden.

Planning and Construction

Huayang Lake Ecological Wetland Park will be on the basis of the original, to further improve the landscape facilities, sports facilities. Among them, including the sightseeing tower, the lake tower, the three towers of the North Tower, as well as the ancient tree platform, Gu Mei Road boat boat peninsula and other landscape, in addition, will be in the ancient plum road extension line construction tennis courts, soccer fields and other sports Venues, as well as a comprehensive golf course with a basketball hall and a heated swimming pool.

Ma Kau all the river will be "Ma Kau charm, Tian Lian terraced rice paddies, fish Xiang shallow at the end, lotus fragrance, Jian Jia gray, heaven and man harmony" for the design theme, divided into: "ripples pan color with gas", "fish Xiang shallow end of the lotus fragrance "," Tian Liancun Daisy overflowing color "," Hundred Flowers Yingshui middle class "," small bridge water new people "and other five small district construction.

"Ripples" will be the prelude to the whole "drift flower" trip, will lead through the introduction of various types of aquatic plants to form different communities, increase the diversity of biological species and community stability to the embankment outside the shrub And trees as a background, so that the two sides to create a rich level of natural picture.

"Fish Cheung shallow end of the lotus fragrance" partition, will open up in the middle of the Ma Kau River three fish ponds, planting red lotus, single petals, white horse prince, fire crown and other water lilies, lotus.

"Tianlian Cave Ficus" is closer to the highway, in the scenery will be planted wild taro, purple leaves banana, re-flower, hibiscus and other colorful flowers, so that visitors from afar is a beautiful landscape painting volume.

"Hundred Flowers in the middle of the water painting" district, will be planted on the beach through a variety of aquatic plants and shrubs with trees, and organic integration of banana forest to form a common prosperity, so that both the status quo and enrich the environmental content.

"Bridges new people" will be planted in white, white leaves and other plants, restore the bridge to create a small river, leisurely freehand beauty of the water. [2] 

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Flowers drift

"Flower drift" is sitting in the antique boat on the river tour, the water environment is very good green, the two sides of the layers of flowers and trees, very beautiful, very water style. There are two scenic spots, the river beach with a large area of ​​planting flowers of aquatic plants, purple purple lily, orange, red beauty banana, Purple, yellow iris.


From Huayang Lake Ecological Wetland Park main entrance or Ma Chung Gu Mei Road South car rental around Huayang Lake and Xinhua College riding, via Huayang Lake Wetland Park Dragon Boat stands, Huayang Lake Main Gate, Xinhua College, Fisherman's Wharf, Gu Mei Food Street

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Bus line: Dongguan 619 Road, the whole about 17.6 km

1, walk from Huayang Lake Ecological Wetland Park about 950 meters, arrived at Meilin Quyuan Terminal Station

2, take the Dongguan 619 Road, after 17 points, arrived at Chuangye Road Station

3, walk about 1.1 km, arrived in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

by car/bus

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