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Dongguan Hu Ying Country Park


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Dongguan,Guangdong,China, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
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About this place

As a famous park in Dongguan, Huying County Park with so beautiful landscapes.

Hu Ying Country Park was started construction in 1995, completed by the end of 2000. Hu Ying Countryside Park Yishanbangshui, beautiful environment, lush forests, fresh air, lakes and mountains, beautiful. The biggest feature is a variety of characters and animal sculptures all over

The whole garden, there are ancient and modern famous figures and a variety of animals, respect statue lifelike, God-shaped, in the tour to give people a very good artistic enjoyment. Park in the park built in 2001, covers an area of ​​9.12 million square meters, according to five-star hotel standard planning and construction, complete functional facilities, complete facilities, a Chinese restaurant, cafeteria, restaurant, food street, swimming pool, Bowling, tennis courts, fitness room, senior rooms such as 360,

Hu Ying Country Park

There are multi-functional conference hall and its supporting large, medium and small conference rooms, etc .; is a set of business, tourism, tourism, catering in one resort.

This park is the Pearl River Delta platform hilly areas, the terrain west high east low to low hillside slope, the highest elevation of 152 meters, the slope between 10-30 degrees. The soil is mainly composed of sandstone developed red soil, the upper part of the mountain soil barren dry, humus less, gravel content, the middle of the mountain soil layer is thicker, the lower part of the soil deep soil, fertility is good, less gravel content.

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By Lu Jie English Interpreter Guide China,

Sourcing & shipping agent / Business Guide

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