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Dongguan Hill Silver Bottle Mouth(Yin Ping Zui)


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Dongguan first peak silver bottle mouth is located in the town of Qingxi and Huizhou phase, known as "small Jiuzhaigou," said. Silver bottle mouth main peak 898 meters, because the distance like a bottle of silver bottles, the tip of the mouth named after the mouth. Legend of Guanyin Bodhisattva cloud tour of the South, silver bottles in front of the beautiful scenery attracted, unknowingly stopped, nostalgia in the occasion of the lotus and Aquarius left in this, into the current lotus mountain and silver mouth.

Song Dynasty celebrities, the great writer Su Dongpo was relegated to Huizhou, Lingnan landscaped intoxicated, and wrote countless praise Lingnan famous poem. When he lived in Huizhou, he visited Tangshan Baishui Mountain and Luofu Mountain. He also boarded the silver pond at the south. He also circulated a poem: "The silver and silver landscape is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful and the east slope is climbing. , Praise the scenery wins Luofu ", silver bottle mouth so famous. A clean green world of a beautiful scenery of the beautiful landscape of silver bottles of ups and downs, natural plant species and flowers and a wide variety of wild animals countless, a step into the mountains will be able to hear a variety of birds cheering, singing in the enjoyment The Here the natural ecological environment is very good, dense vegetation, the growth of precious safflower flowers, red quinoa, white oak, Aliting, camphor, Dutch wood, Paulownia and other plants. All kinds of exotic flowers and plains everywhere, beautiful and charming, landscape matched, very beautiful. Spring one to spend the mountains of the "spring to red" flowers, safflower Tsui, in the spring breeze blowing slightly nodded, fascinating.

Silver beak mouth Four Seasons Changchun, tree-lined, flowers often open a variety of birds singing, butterflies flying in the flowers, bees fly in the flowers, so that people linger, people relaxed and happy, memorable Is one of the most fresh air, the most pure natural forest forest park. The cornerstone of the top of the mountain exposed, rugged and varied, climbing afar, a small list of Dongguan, is a good place to watch the mountain. Peak foothills climate differences, the same time but can feel the surprises of different seasons, the mountain is often clouds filled, cloud rain fickle, as if a picture of life, beautiful and real. Mountain foot overlooking, far from several peaks connected, layers of layers, tall towering, rolling, mountains and trees, flowers all year round evergreen, landscape slowly flowing from the stream to Shigu reservoir. A silver belt set off two mountains, it is particularly beautiful. Silver bottle of the mountain in the springs of the pilgrimage, spring water from the cliffs out of the spring, clear and sweet and delicious, intriguing, the world is hard to find, is the best and most pure natural mineral water. Here, any mountain, any one of the water, are totally natural, touch can be touched with the integration, and there will be no slight gap. These mountains, these water, these King, you just look at a little angle to watch, and immediately will produce another completely different scenery. Mountain because of water and live, the water due to mountains and Mei, you can safely jump in the silver bottle mouth, even if accidentally drank one or two saliva, you can also be relieved to swallow. Silver bottle of the mountain and water, will be in your luggage, will never be lost!

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By Lu Jie English Interpreter Guide China,

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