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Qifeng Park,Dongguan,Guangdong

Qifeng Park is a good choice, if you wanna find somewhere to work out or enjoy your free time.

Dongguan Qifeng Park:

Dongguan Huangqi Mountain Qifeng Park is located at the intersection of Dongguan Avenue and Dongcheng Middle Road, east of Huying Park, West Fire Township Management District, south of the new management area, north of Guancheng Forest Farm, Dongguan, the first eight, is the Dongguan Symbolic.

Chinese name Dongguan Huangqi Mountain Qifeng Park Geographic location Dongguan Avenue and Dongcheng Road Interchange covers an area of ​​243 hectares Ticket price Free altitude between 35-186 meters

Huang Qishan Mountain

Its shape looks like a flag, also known as the ancestral mountain, the main mountain, the town, the pen peak, mountains, in ancient times the historical status is very high, had Lingnan first mountain beauty

Dongguan Qifeng Park

Reputation, which is mainly because the past land traffic difficulties, to Guangdong by more than water, in the Pearl River estuary into the first station of course, is the first of Dongguan, and this is the highest mountain near the mountain in Dongguan, of course, became Literati will be the place.

Huang Qishan known for the two aspects, one is the first eight in Dongguan, Dongguan, the first sentence of the ball is written on the "Huangqi Mountain hanging lanterns", so the top of the hill there is a giant lanterns in the evening in Dongguan City, any place can be Look at it. The second famous is its incense heyday, far and near difficult to match. Every first day, fifteen, many of the elderly and women in Dongguan to come in groups to burn incense, the sound of the festival like the festival is the head Chung Chung, if it is the New Year is simply the way, burning incense smoke half The hills are cageed. In addition, Huangqi Mountain has a glorious revolutionary struggle tradition, is also the ancient peasant uprising army attack Dongguan city base.

Dongguan Qifeng Park scenery

Dongguan Qifeng Park scenery (5 photos)

Qifeng Park covers an area of ​​243 hectares, is a hilly area, between 35-186 meters above sea level, the highest elevation of 189 meters, the park has Huangqi mountain lanterns, mountain park, artificial lake, botanical garden, Huangqi temple, Spring and other attractions monuments, and the new Qifeng Park Plaza, gatehouse, Qifeng Lake attractions, restaurants and other facilities.

Qifeng Park is the key ecological protection area of ​​Dongguan City, the Tang Dynasty before the "Huangling", is a symbol of Dongguan, "Huang Qiling top hanging lanterns" is the folk legend of the first scene in Dongguan eight scenic spots. Yamashita has built in the Song Dynasty Huangqi Guanyin temple, festivals, visitors such as tide.

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