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Meizhou Bay of Putian City in Fujian Province
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xianyou county, putian city, fujian province, China, Putian, Fujian Province, China
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About this place

Meizhou Bay is located in the west of the Taiwan Strait, the central coast of Fujian Province, Quanzhou City and Putian City rendezvous, specifically for Putian City Xianyou County, Chengyu District, Xiuyu District and Quanzhou Huian County, Quangang District Interchange, which Quanzhou Port Xiao Chuang and Douwei Hong Kong is the "rare in China, the world is not much" multi-berth natural deep-water port [1]. Meizhou Bay on both sides of the mountains, Meizhou Island across the bay; to the Gulf 5 sea, the island, Dazhuyu, small bamboo, small frost, etc. were northeast - southwest arrangement; and then 7 miles, And the universe of the universe, the formation of three barriers, shelter and excellent conditions. Meizhou Bay deep inland about 18 nautical miles, the channel is long and wide. Meizhou Bay Coastal Port is divided into: Dongwu Port, Xiuyu Port, Xiaocu Hong Kong, Douwei Port and other four port.

As early as 2008 Meizhou Bay has begun to integrate. In August 2008, the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Committee and the Governor's Office discussed the Mekong Bay Port System Integration Project, and the Mekong Bay Port System Reform process was launched. June 4, 2009, Fujian Provincial Committee formally approved the establishment of Fujian Province, Meizhou Bay Port Authority. According to the minutes of the Provincial People's Government of the People's Government of Fujian Province on the 17th of 2008, No. 97, 2009, Fujian Provincial People's Government "on the study of Meizhou Bay port integration work summary" and the Fujian Provincial Organization Committee "on the establishment of Fujian The province of Meizhou Bay Port Authority and the relevant institutions of the issue of approval "(Fujian Committee prepared [2009] 97), Fujian Provincial Department of Transportation was ordered to announce: since August 3, 2009, Fujian Province, Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou City Port Authority under the jurisdiction of the Xiao house, bucket tail port area. And Putian City Port Authority under the jurisdiction of Xiuyu, Soochow Port merged to form a new Meizhou Bay, the establishment of Fujian Meizhou Bay Port Authority. The newly formed ports of Meizhou Bay in Fujian Province are collectively referred to as Xiuyu Port, Meizhou Bay Port, Meizhou Bay Port Wuhu District, Meizhou Bay Port Xiao Chu Kuang Port, Meizhou Bay Harbor Harbor Terminal Area. Meizhou Bay confined to various historical factors, leading to two ports belong to Quanzhou and Putian City jurisdiction, the formation of "one Bay two systems" embarrassing situation, as Meizhou Bay overall development obstacles. Fujian Meizhou Bay Port Authority in Quanzhou.

On the morning of August 2, 2009, Fujian Meizhou Bay Port Administration Bureau and Fujian Meizhou Bay Port Development Co., Ltd. were formally established, marking the key step of Meizhou Bay port integration. At this point, Fujian Province, Xiamen Port, Fuzhou Port and Meizhou Bay Port three port pattern was formally formed [2]. Has 3752 km coastline of 125 harbors in Fujian Province, the early years there is no hub of a large port. With the construction of the economic zone on the west side of the Straits, Fujian Province to promote the re-integration of port resources. The newly established Meizhou Bay Port Authority will be unified management of the original subordinate to Quanzhou and Putian four port area. From the port of Meizhou Bay area will be unified name. This is Fujian Province in 2006 after the successful integration of Xiamen Bay within the Xiamen, Zhangzhou two port area after the promotion of inter-city administrative division of port resources integration is another major initiative. The 2012 New Announcement of "Meizhou Bay" is based on the integration of ports in the Meizhou Bay area in 2009, expanding and expanding the Quanzhou Bay, Quanhu Bay, Wai Tau Wan Port and Quanzhou Bay Putian port Xinghua Bay port area, in the original four port expansion for the eight port area. Meizhou Bay port will coordinate the development of bulk bulk cargo and domestic container transport, and strive to "second five" at the end of the annual capacity of 200 million tons of the main hub port [3].

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By Lu Jie English Interpreter Guide China,

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