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Fuhuiciyuan Vegetarian Restaurant


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Xila Hutong, No.53 Dong'an Main Street, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District, Beijing, Beijing, China

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It's not easy to find this resturant because google maps takes you a bit away but the timme spent on finding it was worth it. Could never imagine that one would find a dedicated vegetarian restaurant in Beijing! There is a substantial overlay of Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese influence on the cooking with spices and mixing of cooking proportions, including the use of coconut oil! Groceries are fresh, the tofu is stunning and the sauce used with the vegetables and the tofu were so delicate it would satisfy the most discerning diners .. 

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Vegetarian food is diverse in China, green leaf vegetables, mushrooms, toufu and many others that are made from soy proteins.

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