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Tongzhou Travel Guide

Brief Intro: Tongzhou is the doorway connecting Beijing with North and Northeast China. It is also an important agricultural base of Beijing.
Location: Southeast of Beijing at the north end of the Grand Canal of China, neighboring Chaoyang, Daxing and Shunyi District.
Geography: alluvial plain
Area: 912 sq km (352 sq mi)
Population: 629,000
Administrative Division: 4 Municipal Street (Zhongcang, Xinhua, Beiyuan, Yuqiao), 10 Towns (Yongshun, Liyuan, Songzhuang, Zhangjiawan, Huoxian, Majuqiao, Xiji, Taihu, Yongledian, Lucheng), 1 Hui Ethnic Minority Group Town (Yujiawu)
Postal Code: 101149
Dialing Code: 010
Local Highlights: the Grand Canal of China
Local Products: Three treasures including Fried Catfish of the Xiaolou Restaurant, Sweetened Baked Wheaten Cake of Dashunzhai Restaurant, Fermented Beancurd

In Chinese, Tong means being able to extend everywhere. This area has always been such a place even since the ancient time when the Grand Canal was thriving. Now, the district has many highways to Beijing, Tianjin and other cities. The newly established Batong light rail (Bawangfen in Beijing to Tongzhou) makes travel more convenient. Tongzhou's modern amusement and tourism facilities are well appreciated by visitors. Travel agencies, star hotels, tourist shopping stores and restaurants can be easily found within the urban area.