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Terrific Culture experience in beijing

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Ox Street Mosque

Beijing's most historical and majestic mosque, it is situated on the Ox Street (Niujie in Chinese) in the city's Xuanwu District. First built back in 996, it has a history that stretches back over a thousand years, in which time it has undergone numerous refits and extensions, and has greeted Muslims from all over the world to worship. It covers an area of over 6000 square meters (7176 square yards), and is structurally based on traditional Chinese wooden palaces, yet adopts a typical Arabic-style of decoration. There are no human or animal figures among these decorations as these are considered taboo in Islam.

1. Proper dress is required. No admittance if you are wearing shorts or a skirt.
2. Admittance to the Prayer Hall is limited to Muslims only.
3. Some areas in it are not open to the public. Please refer to the information on the ticket.