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Terrific Culture experience in beijing

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Huairou Travel Guide

Brief Intro: Huairou, the 'Back Garden of Beijing', is suburban Beijing’s most famous holiday resort
Location: northeast of Beijing, neighboring Shunyi and Changping District, Yanqing County and Chicheng, Fengning, Luanping County in Hebei Province.
Geography: a narrow strip from high north to low south, with a variety of mountains and plains
Area: 2,128.7 sq km (827.9 sq mi)
Population: 273,000
Administrative Division: 2 Municipal Streets (Quanhe, Longshan); 3 Municipal Districts (Huairou, Yanqi, Miaocheng); 9 Towns (Beifang, Yangsong, Qiaozi, Huaibei, Tanghekou, Bohai, Jiuduhe, Liulimiao, Baoshan); 2 Manchu Towns (Changshaoying, Labagoumen)
Postal Code: 101400
Dialing Code: 010

 Local Highlights
- one of the earliest areas to develop rural tourism in Beijing
- fresh water reserve area for Beijing
- one of the most important film bases in northern China
- local products: Chinese chestnut, ginseng, small red bean, sturgeon, salty duck egg, Hometown Sausage and Hongluo preserved fruit, replicated ancient china wares

Special Tours: Fruit Picking (in season), Rural Tour, Great Wall Tour
Scenic Spots: Mutianyu Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Hongluo Temple,  Qinglong Gorge, Mt. Yunmeng, Mt. Wofo, Tianhua Cave, Longtanjian Natural Scenic Spot, Yougu Shentan Natural Scenic Spots, Mt. Linlong, Xiangshui Lake Scenic Spot, Tianchi Canyon, Lantian Pasture, Eden Happiness Forest
Amusement Parks: Primitive Tribe Park, Yanqi Lake Park, Beijing Huairou Internation Ski Run, Caribbean Lagoon WaterPark
Picking Gardens: Huisheng Picking Garden, Lvhu Picking Garden, Chinese Dates Garden in Qiaozi Town
Rural Tour Villages: Beizhai Customs' House in this area, Weidian Village in Bohai Town, Dongyu Village in Liulimiao Town, Baichazi Folk Culture Village in Liulimiao Town, Changshaoying Manchu Town, Labagoumen Manchu Town

Yougu Shentan Natural Scenic Area, covering about 2.3 sq mi, is located in Duanshuling Village, Huaibei, this district. The green ridges, elegant peaks, strange rocks, steep cliffs, meandering waters, magnificent waterfalls and other attractions compose its distinctive beauty. The most attractive scenic spots here are Heaven-Heading Gate, Lying Dragon Ridge, Olecranon Peak and Moon Reflection Spring. In the natural area, you can also enjoy some adventure sports and amusement activities.