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How to Tour Jiankou Great Wall

 This section can be roughly divided into three parts: north part (Nine-Eye Tower to Beijing Knot), middle part (Beijing Knot to Jiankou Spot), and south part (Jiankou Spot to Ox Horn Edge Wall). Generally, you need to spend about one day climbing only one part. If you plan a two-day trip, you can finish two parts, even the whole section.

 The middle part is the essence of this section, including Beijing Knot, Eagle Flies Facing Upward, and Sky Stair. However, the almost vertical stairs of Sky Stair make it the most difficult part to conquer.

 The other popular part is the south part. You can take great photos from there. The segment from Jiankou Spot to Zhengbei Tower is not easy to climb, while the rest of it is quite flat. Walking eastwards along the path, you can get to Mutianyu section.

 The north part is suitable for visitors who are not good at sports. Besides the remnants, there are peach trees on the two sides of the wall. In spring (April and May), the blooming blossoms will refresh you with its sweet smell.

 There are Xizhazi Village and Wofo Mountain Villa at the foot of this section, which are regarded as the starting point of the Jiankou hiking. There are footpaths from the two places, leading to the major spots of this section. You need to spend 1–2 hours climbing up the mountain through a forest to get to the Great Wall.