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Hiking Tips

Hiking Tips

 The terrain at Beijing Knot is relatively flat. If you plan a two-day trip and decide to spend the night on the wall, Beijing Knot is the best site to set the tent.

 The Xizhazi Village on the north of the Great Wall and Wofo Mountain Villa on the south provide accommodation, so do other villages at the mountain foot. You can also stay overnight there.

 Climbing this section needs a lot of energy. But there is no booth up there. You need to take some snacks and bottled water. Before or after hiking, you can go to Xizhazi Village or the Wofo Mountain Villa to treat yourself with some local dishes.

 You'd better take mountaineering equipments, like hiking boots, alpenstock, gloves, and climbing rope. Sometimes you need to make a detour in segments which are badly damaged.

 Seniors and children are not recommended to climb this section.

 As a famous section of Wild Great Wall, it is free to hike. But sometimes, local villagers will set roadblocks and charge you for at least CNY 10 as a toll.

 Occasionally, there are villagers providing ladders to help you climb the wall. You need to pay at least CNY 5 for using the ladder.