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Hao Pu Creek (Haopujian) Garden

 Hao Pu Creek (Haopujian) Garden

After visiting the Qionghua Islet, you can cross the Zhishan Bridge to the Eastern Shore Scenic Area which has many independent gardens within it such as the Painted Boat (Huafang) Studio and the Hao Pu Creek Garden.

Created in 1757, the Hao Pu Creek Garden is one of the best gardens-within-gardens of the existing imperial gardens in China. 'Hao' and 'Pu' were the ancient names of two rivers in Anhui Province. There is a story that goes like this: in the Warring States Period (475 - 221 B.C.), Zhuangzi and Huizi (two famous philosophers of ancient China) argued with each other on the bridge over the Hao River. Zhuangzi said: 'How happy are the fish in the river!' Huizi responded: 'You are not a fish. Then how can you know whether the fish are happy or not?' Zhuangzi answered: 'You are not me. Then how can you know that I don't know the happiness of the fish?' This story inspired Emperor Qianlong to build the Hao Pu Creek Garden to seek happiness and relaxation as free as fish in the river. So the garden is designed for tranquility and happiness, featuring a special mountain-water structure to give the impression of a deep valley which gives seclusion from society.