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Changping District

Brief Intro: Changping District, one of the 11 plan-to-establish new cities, is the high-tech and science base of Beijing.
Location: Northwest of Beijing, joining point of the Taihang Mountain and Mt. Yanshan
Geography: It is located in a connection area of plains and mountain. The latter in the northwest, occupy about 59% of the whole area.
Area: 1,344 sq km (about 519 sq mi)
Population: 829,000
Division: 2 Municipal Streets (Chengbei and Chengnan); 15 Towns (Nankou, Machikou, Shahe, Huilongguan, Dongxiaokou, Yangfang Xiaotangshan, Nanshao, Cuicun, Baishan, Beiqijia, Xingshou, Changling, Liucun and Shisanling)
Zip Code: 102200
Dialing Code: 010
Local Highlights: high-tech, sports venue, universities, agricultural science and hot springs
Local Products: apples and strawberries

Acting as the north gate of Beijing, Changping District is one of the most important transportation junctions of the city. National highways, ring roads and light rail transit conveniently connect Changping with its neighboring cities and counties. Its science, education, culture civilization and tourism industry are well developed. Star level hotels, travel agencies, tourist restaurants and shopping sites provide a good tourism environment for visitors. In addition, the qualifying event for the cycling section of the 2008 Olympic Triathlon will be held around the Ming-tomb Reservoir.

High-tech Parks: Zhong Guan Cun Science Park Changping Sector, Zhongguancun Life Science Park
Famous Universities: China University of Political Science and Law, China University of Petroleum, North China Electric Power University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology