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Terrific Culture experience in beijing

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beautiful spots along the wall

Nine-Eye Tower

It is at the northernmost point of this section. This tower with three storeys was an important command post during the ancient wars. There are nine holes on each side of the wall which look like nine eyes, hence its name. If the weather is fine, you can overlook the city of Beijing from the tower, so it is also named Wangjing (Overlooking Beijing) Tower. 

 Beijing Knot

It is the meeting point of three sections of the Great Wall coming from different directions. The west route leads to Huanghuacheng, a section built by a clear lake. You will pass another section Xiangshuihu in the midway, which is not so famous but also very beautiful. Walking north, you will get to the Nine-Eye Tower, the north end of Jiankou section. You can hike to Mutianyu following the south path.

Beijing Knot is a great sightseeing point, with lush mountains around it. Getting there at sunrise or sunset, you may encounter the breath-taking sight of a wide sea of cloud.

 Eagle Flies Facing Upward

It is one of the most dangerous segments of the Great Wall. The place got its name because the watchtower and the lofty peaks there form a shape of an eagle. The posture of this 'eagle' is a vivid example to tell visitors that stairs there are so steep that even eagles have to fly facing upward to reach the top.

 Sky Stair

Sky Stair is a precipitous stair, whose angle of elevation is 70 to 80 degrees, at the east slope of the Eagle Flies Facing Upward. Some parts of it are so narrow that only one person can get through at a time.

 Jiankou Spot

It is the lowest point of this section, looking like the mouth of the mountain creek among the rolling mountains.

 Zhengbei Tower

It is the highest point of this section, built on the top of steep cliffs. It is also the largest and the most complete watchtower along this section. The gentler path on the east leads to the Ox Horn Edge Wall, the east end of this section.