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where is the better place to visit when first time in Beijing?

If you have three days in Beijing that is just right.visit most famous views:

Day1:Great Wall(Badaling or Mutianyu),Ming tomb

Day2:Tiananmen square,Forbidden city,Temple of heaven and Summer palace

Day3:Lama temple, Hutong ,Beijng Zoo(see cute panda )

I tell friends to go to the Lama Temple since it's the only Tibetan Lamaist temple you can visit in Northen China and has an enormous collection of Buddhist art".

"in the summer you should go eat spicy crayfish and drink beer in one of the restaurants on Ghost Street(Guijie)

"An underrated historic site that i particularly enjoy is the Bell Tower (behind the Drum Tower).also is old Beijng Hutong area.Usually there are no other visitors and you have this wonderful old building to's a very peaceful place from which to contemplate the n earby hutongs.the bustling modern city in the distance,and the contrast between them."

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