The Gongge'er Grassland Tours – Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China

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The Gongge'er Grassland


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About 35 kilometers southwest of Jingpeng town, Keqi, China, Inner Mongolia, Chifeng
Hours : 24 hours

About this place

Gongge'er Grassland is the nearest natural  Mongolian Grassland to Beijing.

The grassland is located in Hexigten Banner, it's about 2 hours by driving from Chifeng City.

If it is possible, you should live on the grassland for one night to watch  the beautiful sunrise. The weather is good and the natural landscape is fascinating.  The green of the grassland reaches out as far as your eyes can see. Sheeps , horses and cows are everywhere. For the accommodation, you can choose  the unique yurts, villas, wooden cottages to experience the true nomadic nightlife.

Take train or flight to Chifeng City first, and hire a car in Chifeng.

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