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Sumidero Canyon
Cañon Sumidero


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Sumidero Canyon is located in Chiapas region of Mexico. Its natural beauties are spectacular. Today many tourist come to the region and take a tour on the river Grijalva (Rio Grijalva). The fact that today people can navigate on this river is due to the construction of the dam because of which the water level rose.

The nearest town is Tuxtla Gutierrez while the majority of boats sail from Chiapa de Corzo.
Even though due to the water rise, the canyon walls seem less high then they were they are still high enough to amaze anyone who decides to take such a tour. The area is also rich in vegetation and animal wildlife.

This area has the status of a National Park since 1972 and the area around the canyon is a ecological reserve.

There are numerous small caves along the canyon which are mostly accessible to people who are skilled climbers. Also, many people who come to the area practice extreme sports while for those less adventurous this national park is perfect for relaxation in the nature and usual sightseeing and walking.

Park is also rich in waterfalls which grow even bigger during the rain season. A large effort has been invested in the development of the tourism sector in the area and more and more services are being offered to the visitors.

The surrounding area has monuments pertaining to the Chiapa people who left some fortified constructions and cave paintings.

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