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Sichuan------More Than Pandas!!!

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This is Chengdu!

As a local girl, before you come to visit our city, i'd like to tell you some basic information of Chengdu!

By the end of 2015, the first 7-star hotel in the whole middle and western of China ---Versace Suits, will be open.
From Chengdu to Chongqing, the time for the train will be shortened as 1 hour.

The expressway from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou will be put into use, by that time, it will only take about 5 hours’ driving to be arrived.

Among the top 10 Best Cities in Asia, there are 6 of them in China, while Chengdu ranks the third place after Beijing and Shanghai.

In December of 2014, the worldwide Muji flagstore opened in Taigu Alley of Chengdu, over 3000 quare meters with 4 floors, it is the biggest flagstore in the world.

Ikea is going to open the second one in Chengdu, which makes Chengdu the 3rd city which has two Ikeas after Beijing and Shanghai.

From January to June of 2014, Chengdu people had spent over 25 trillion on restaurants, so if you like delicious foods, come to Chengdu!

The chairman of China Rabbit Science Association showed the media some datas about rabbits in Chengdu. Around the world, the rabbit output is 2 million tons per year, the rabbit output in China takes 30% of it, which is about 600,000 tons per year, while 70% of it will be consumed in Sichuan, which is about 420,000 tons per year. In China, each rabbit is sold as 2kg, which means every year, people in Sichuan will consume about 20 million of rabbits, while among these rabbits, 90% of them will be consumed in Chengdu. All in all, people from Chengdu will eat about 20 million rabbits’ heads. 

Among the 31 capital and central-governed cities in China, Chengdu is said to be the 4th best city to enjoy in China, while the first in the whole middle and western of China. There are 9,264 teahouses and 1,302 stick-foods snack bars in Chengdu. Sichuan is the origin of world tea, while every year, the tea drunk by Chengdu people can fill 7 West Lakes in China.

Chengdu foods are so famous, that when Michelle Obama came to Chengdu, she finished 3 bowls of beancurd jelly with 3 crispy breads with beef. Chancellor Merkel bought some thick broad-bean sauce made in Pi’xian County home. David Camerom spoke highly of Chengdu hotpot.

There are 2,344 KTVs ,1.129 book stores in Chengdu, as long as you are in the downtown, within 1 square kilometer, you can find great entertainments. You can find a snack bar within 3 minutes’ walk, a supermarket or shopping mall within 5 minutes’ walk, a cinema within at most 6 metro stops. 

Chengdu is the third city after Beijing and Shanghai in China for consuming luxurious products.