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Jinsha Site Museum


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227# Qingyang Daodao, Jinniu District, Chengdu, China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu
Hours : 8:00pm-6:00pm

About this place

The Jinsha Museum, opened in 2007, is located at the site of the Jinsha Ruins, China's most significant recent archaeological discovery. Discovered in 2001, it consists of a five-square kilometer area that was found to contain important relics of an ancient kingdom that predated Chinese settlement in the area. Relics such as the Sun and immortal Bird Gold ornament, as well as sacrificial areas, residences, and graveyards among others can be found here. The 6,000 cultural relics in gold, bronze, jade, stone, ivory, and lacquer unearthed here, as well as thousands of pottery shards and about 1,000 buck teeth of wild boards and antlers, not only proved further the political, economic and cultural significance of the ancient Kingdom of Shu, which once dominated the region, but also that the roots Chinese civilization could have originated in Central Asia as well as the Yangtze River area. In fact, some believe that aliens inhabited the ancient kingdom.

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