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The Tibetan Neighborhood


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Wuhouci Hengjie, China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu
Hours : All Day

About this place

Near the Wuhou Shrine and the Southwest University for Nationalities is a small neighborhood that features Tibetan shops and restaurants. From the outside this area is only recognizable by the Tibetan script written above or below Chinese characters on storefronts. There is usually a handful of Tibetan monks, dressed in traditional red and yellow attire, milling about the area as well. It is not possible to say whether the shops sell items any more or less authentic than the Tibet Autonomous Region itself. Still, any travelers or tourists looking to pick up a Buddha figure, incense, or Tibetan-style jewelery, handcrafts, clothing, or weavings should stop by for a browse. Generally speaking Tibetans are particularly friendly, however, the neighborhood does unfortunately host a few unfriendly beggars, including some children.  

The neighborhood itself is really just one intersection. Running north/south is Wuhouci Hengjie. The east/west cross-street with Wuhouci Hengjie is Wuhouci Dongjie on the west side and Ximianqiao Hengjie on the east side. The restaurants in the area are all vegetarian and moderately priced.  

A Tibetan restaurant facade, notice the unusual Tibetan script

Buses 8, 94, 109, and 110 all stop on Ximianqiao Hengjie, which forms the eastern end of the neighborhood. If you head south from the Wuhou Shrine on Wuhouci Dajie, you will soon turn left onto Wuhouci Dongjie.

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User Reviews

Tibetan cultural in Chengdu.

By Mandy,

Welcome to Nantong!


I am so dig into Tibetan cultural, but i don't think i am strong enough to go to Tibet and it`s quite far from Nantong, so i think The Tibetan Neighborhood will be a great place to go.

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