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Tailor & Costume Street
陕西街 - 服装裁缝街


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Shanxi Jie, China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu

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By now I hope you have guessed that Tailor & Costume Street in Chengdu is a great spot for tailor-made clothing and fun costume shopping. The rumor of the ability to buy cheap, but good quality suits, formal wear, etc in China is in fact true. Even travelers who don't speak a word of Chinese should not be worried about the language barrier. You will find that the language of clothing is not a confusing one. There are many tailors along Shanxi Jie (陕西街) as well as a few costume shops which are fun to browse. Positive reports have come in from people who paid around 800-1200 RMB for a suit.
How to get there: Shanxi Jie is the first street just south of Tianfu Square (天府广场) in the center of town. Walk south along Renmin Lu (人民路) from the square and make the first right onto Shanxi Jie. The tailor and costume shops are a few hundred meters down the street.

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I just had a horrible experience at the first lady on the right on costume street. She's a low class farmer with no idea what she's doing. She tried to scam us and it took police presence to get some of our wasted money back. Do not try the first lady on the right hand side when entering from ren min lu.

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