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Le Cafe Panam(e)


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2nd floor, Blue Caribbean Plaza, No. 143 Kehua Bei Lu, China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu
Hours : 6 PM - Everyone has gone home

About this place

Chengdu nightspots usually appeal to one crowd or another. At Le Café Panam(e), however, your chance of chatting up an elderly expat are just as likely as an eager, wide-eyed Chinese university student. Whether its coffee, a classic baguette, or French desserts in the  early evening (Y10-15), a few draught beers (Y20/pint) later on, or a live DJ on the late night, there is something for every kind of Chengdu resident. The owners are deservedly proud of their reasonable prices (Y16/glass) for authentic French wine and “French corner” meetings which are held every other Friday from 7-9 PM. There is outdoor seating, a pool table, room for dancing when inspired to do so, and the 2nd floor lounge area doubles as an art exhibition area.
The recently opened Le Café Panam(e) is a dream come true for two French sinophiles. The mystery that is the Internet brought the enterprising David and Chloe together and the rest is history. David had been yearning to make a return to Chengdu and Chloe had been teaching here for quite some time. Familiar with Chengdu, and recognizing the redundant nightlife, they wanted to open an establishment that as Chloe says, “ Is anything but arrogant...”
Most significantly, David and Chloe wanted to open a comfortable place for their friends and create an informal atmosphere where any “Chengduren” (Chengdu person) could make new friends. Most of Chengdu’s nightspots can be easily categorized in terms of patrons and atmosphere, but that is not possible at this French café, bar, lounge, or whatever you want it to be. David and Chloe have only one wish, “That everyone in Chengdu, Chinese or foreign, student or traveler, business person or parent, can feel at home at Le Café Panam(e).
Directions: Le Cafe Panam(e) is in the southeast part of the city, outside the south 1st ring road. If you go there at night, tell the taxi driver "Kehua Beilu", and then say "Ya Tai Guangchang". From the "ATT" sign where the driver stops, walk across the main road, and then continue walking south until you see a plaza with bars and clubs on your left. The cafe has a red sign and is on the 2nd floor. Buses 6, 55, and 110 all pass by the plaza during the day, keep an eye out from the bus.

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