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Hemp House


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3rd Floor, Dong Men Da Qiao, SW Corner of Intersection, China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu
Hours : 1:00pm - 3:00am

About this place

The laidback, liberal atmosphere at Hemp House makes it a great destination to relax with friends. Two floors are filled with cushy couches, arcade games, and a pool table. The music is an enjoyable mix of reggae, modern and progressive rock, and new wave. China’s most popular beer, Tsingtao (Qingdao), is available for Y10 (560 ml) along with Qingdao Blacks for Y15.  A full bar is also affordable with mixed drinks ranging from Y15-20. Chat up the bartender, A Qiao, if she is not too busy. Her English is fair, but most importantly she is a free-spirit, always smiles, and wants everyone to enjoy themselves. On weekends there is often live music including notable Chinese rock and reggae musicians or local Chengdu hip-hop battles. On random weeknights or quiet afternoons locals like to bring their own instruments or pick up any of the percussion instruments lying around Hemp House’s small stage. Impressive jam sessions have been known to stir up.


Hemp House is less than 2 kilometers east of Tianfu Square, located at the intersection of Tianxianqiao and Dongdajie. If you take a taxi or ask someone for directions, just say or write down "Dong Men Da Qiao" (东门大桥). The bar is on the south side of Dongdajie. Go up 2 flights of escalators and Hemp House is on the 3rd floor.

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