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Chunxi Lu


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Chunxi Lu (Chunxi Road), China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu

About this place

Chunxi Lu could be included in the shopping category, but because of the brand names, bright lights, and crowds of people it is likely better suited as a tourist stop. Filled with brand name shops from around the world, Chunxi Lu is an expensive place to go shopping. You could probably buy the same goods in your home country for similar rates. However, make time to walk down Chunxi Lu and night and witness a scene reminscient of Times Square in New York or Trafalgar Square in London. Bright lights and enormous colorful advertisements make your head spin. It is a perfect microcosm of the new globalized capitalist economy of China. The Chinese love to shop here, simply so they can say they bought the item at Chunxi Lu. Adidas, Gucci, Kappa, Nike, Seiko, Ito Yokado are just a few stores on Chunxi Lu. Try to avoid a visit on a weekend, as you will likely be overwhelmed by throngs of shoppers shoving their way down the promenade. The street is free of cars and sidestreets are filled with street vendors selling yummy snacks filled with sugar to keep you in a shopping frenzy.

Directions: Simply walk in the direction of people with shopping bags, slightly east/southeast of Tianfu Square. When the stores begin to get fancier with more and more recognizable brand names, you know you are close. All taxi drivers will know Chunxi Lu. 

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The busiest shopping road in Chengdu.

I just got Chengdu last Friday, and yesterday i went to Chun Xi Roda trying to get some local food and some souvenirs.
Maybe because it`s Saturday, the whole road booked up with people, travels and local people, you can hear the selling sounds and bargaining voices.  It`s like a big market super busy and crowed.  And it also have many shopping malls that you can buy some nice cloth and any other things, Chunxi Road become a must-see spot for travelers.

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