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Babi, Mix, and Fashion Clubs


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Yulin Shenghuo Guangchang, China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu

About this place

Babi Club is currently the hottest club in town. Young Chinese and foreigners alike come here to wear their sunglasses at night. Patrons do their best impression of dress styles as seen in MTV’s raciest videos. DJs mix beats from around the world from decades past and present. The kids could hardly care though as the dance floor is packed until the sun comes up. There are actually two separate sections of the club that try to play contrasting styles of music. There is no admission fee, but beers are Y30 and mixed drinks start at Y40, so drink before you come. Private tables are available as well.


Fashion and Mix Clubs are right next door to Babi within the very same building. These spots fill up on weekends and play music similar enough to Babi. Drinks are a tad cheaper at these two than at Babi.




Babi Club is on the south 2nd ring road, west of Renmin Nanlu. Since you’ll be headed there after the buses have shut down, just hop in a taxi, and say "Babi", the driver should know where to go. The clubs are across the 2nd ring road and a bit to the west from the Yulin Life Plaza (Yulin Shenghuo Guangchang, 玉林生活广场).

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