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Arhat Vegetarian
罗汉素馆, Luo Han Su Guan


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No. 31 Baiyunsi Jie, Outside the Wenshu Temple, China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu
Hours : 11am-9pm

About this place

Arhat is an excellent vegetarian restaurant on the north side of Chengdu in the Wenshu Monastery neighborhood. The main differences between Arhat and the vegetarian restaurant inside the Wenshu Temple is that Arhat is more expensive, but is also cleaner and more creative. Guests also do not need to pay the small Y5 entrance fee to the temple in order to eat at the vegetarian restaurant within.

Arhat boasts a very neat and pleasant setting on the second floor of the busy (and somewhat touristy) Wenshu Temple neighborhood. I recently went to Arhat with a group of four, and all of the vegetarians in the party were duly impressed. Chengdu's legendary Ma Po Tofu was quite soft and certainly well above average in Chengdu. A tasty fried eggplant dish was well complimented by fried potato strings around the edge of the dish. 

Our most interesting dish was a rabbit stew with a bean curd and bamboo mixture substituted for the rabbit meat. The creativity of the dish alone made it worthwhile. All of the dishes included excellent presentation, and were greeted with a few 'oohs' and 'aahs'. The entire menu is in Chinese and English and there are countless unusual and exotic dishes available.

I recommend that all guests be a bit brave at Arhat, and choose a dish or two that might normally appear or sound too risky or 'over-the-top'. The staff can also speak English. Dishes range from 10-50 Yuan. Our meal cost 100 Yuan. That might seem a bit expensive for vegetarian fare in China, but we all felt Arhat was very worthwhile.
How to get there: Arhat is in the recently renovated-for-tourism neighborhood outside the Wenshu Temple. From the entrance to the temple, walk a couple hundred meters east, away from Renmin Lu. Turn right on Baiyunsi Jie and look for signs for Arhat on the second floor on the right side. Be sure to write down the name or bring the address information and phone number. If you can't find it, all the people in the neighborhood know it and can help direct you there.

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Health and yummy.

By Chris,


I only went to Arhat Vegetarian to have lunch for once, i wasn't so interested in veges food, but after i seeing all kind of dishes they made in Arhat Vegetarian, all of them are taste really good, some some of them are taste exactly like meat or seafood, not boring like i thought.
SO i am willing to try veges at all cities now when i traveling around China.

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