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What have I been doing during the Virus period?

For all the Chinese, i think the beginning of 2020 can be out of expectation. No spring festival getting-together, full-time home-stay, no work, no schooling, JUST STAY AT HOME. 

At the beginning, i was just like everyone else, watching closely to the change of the virus situation, but soon, i changed my mind, why not take it as a home holiday?

I have been really sorry for the loss of the time for me to spend with my families, the loss of the time to do things i like and enjoy, now, it's perfect time!

So i cleared my book shelf, and chose several books that i bought before but no time (or didnt want to find time) to read, and then i find when i get myself totally addicted to the book, i feel so happy and full.

And second thing i enjoy is cooking. I am a foodie, i love to try all kinds of foods, im not a person who can eat a lot for each meal, but trying foods to experience the different culture is rooted in my personality and nature, i really enjoy it no matter where i go. So i take out all the flower i have in the kitchen, and studied from my cooking APP (which i stopped using for almost a year because of my "busy life"), then everyday i cooked some new dishes to try, and now i have to say, as a person living in the southwest of China, i do love flower foods, though rice is our daily food.

Besides cooking, i started to sort out my closet, then the whole apartment, and then, i find, wow, my apartment can be really big!^-^

Anyway, we will all go back to work sometime soon, but i have to say, sometimes, everyone needs some time of his own. 

Life is once and unique, i want to make mine interesting.