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Sichuan------More Than Pandas!!!

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A small but big ancient town!

Wu Feng Xi Ancient Town, also called as the Wu Feng Town, was already important and well-known as the wharf to send goods from west of Sichuan to Chengdu in Tang Dynasty, about 1100 years ago.

Now most of the streets left were built in Qing Dynasty. This town is not big in size, but it is big in its heart, as a mixed-culture-migration town,here you can see different provincial halls standing on different parts, each one has a local and special design,and taoism, as a original Chinese relion, has developed its influence here, a grand Guan Di Gong (A palace for Guan Yu, who was a general in ancient time and regards as god in both buddhism and taoism) stands in the town, everyday with people coming here to make wishes and ask for future fortune . Though Sichuan had suffered a lot of wars, however, this town has been isolated and well-kept, that is why even today, when you go there, you can still feel the leisure and peace from the local.